BRC/IOP Certification for Packaging and Packaging Materials

The BRC/IOP Global Standard for Packaging and Packaging Materials has been developed to specify the safety, quality, hygiene and operational criteria required to be in place within a packaging manufacturing organisation to fulfil obligations with regards to legal compliance and protection of the consumer, and meet the customers needs of legal responsibility. This standard has been developed to encompass packaging for food and non-food products, including medical and pharmaceutical. This certification is the proof that our products are manufactured and handled to help ensure their safety and quality, and demonstrates our professionalism.

Principles of the standard:

  • Minimise duplication of evaluation
  • Ensure transparency and compliance with fair trading legislation
  • Continuously review and improve standards and supporting processes
  • Promote best practice

Requirements include:

  • Organisation
  • Hazard and risk management system
  • Technical management system
  • Factory standards
  • Contamination control
  • Personnel

Vinçotte- OK Compost

Vinçotte is an independent organisation that specialises in inspection, certification and testing activities focused on safety, quality and the environment. Tapping into the experience it has built up throughout its 100-year-old history, Vinçotte developed the OK Compost conformity mark, its specification and its logo.
Packaging or products featuring the OK Compost label are guaranteed as biodegradable in an industrial composting plant. This applies to all components, inks and additives. The sole reference point for the certification programme is the harmonised EN 13432:2000 standard. In any event, any product featuring the OK Compost logo complies with the requirements of the EU Packaging Directive (94/62/EEC). Composting can reduce the volume of organic waste quite significantly, while the compost produced can be used for agricultural and horticultural purposes. About 50% of all domestic waste comprises organic material, a percentage that is set to grow in the future owing to the growing popularity of biodegradable products used for packaging material or disposable cutlery and plates.

Din Certco- Compostable

Din Certco operates a certification scheme for compostable products made of biodegradable materials and licenses the use of the corresponding Mark developed by European Bioplastics. This certification is an integral part of an industrial recycling system. It enables compostable products to be identified by a unique mark and channelled for recovery of their constituent materials in specially developed processes. The Compostability Mark thus conveys product information to waste-disposal plant operators and product image to consumers. With this certification, our printed products and unprinted film on the reel for conversion into bags or wrappers conforms to DIN EN 13432:2000-12. Samples are regularly checked to ensure our products conformity with the originally certified components.

Flexographic Industry Association

Alfaplas is member of EFTA, the UK Trade Association for the Flexographic Industry, founded by a group of printers to share information on new developments in quality and technology.

Packaging and Films Association  

PAFA, the Packaging and Films Association, combines the former PIFA and FPA. It represents the £2 billion UK industry for the development and manufacture of films and the conversion of lightweight flexible packaging and rigid sheet.  PAFA's core role supports around 80% of the highly innovative flexible industry in the UK and also provides strong European links and influence.