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What are your lead times?
Usually two weeks for plain film and three weeks from approval of design on printed film (please add an extra week for converted products), but we will always strive to better these times when the customer needs a quick turnaround.

Do you hold film in stock?
We manufacture to order. However, we do keep limited stocks.

How many colours can you print?
Up to eight colours, both line and process.

What repeat lengths can you do?
Up to 1200mm.

What is the maximum film width you can print on?
Up to 8 colours - 1600mm.

How long will it take to get a PDF for approval?
Usually two or three days from receipt of artwork.

What is your minimum order quantity?
Normally 500kg. However if your requirements are for less, do contact us and we will endeavour to help.

Why do prices vary?
We have no control over fluctuations in raw material costs and our prices are amended purely to reflect this.

How much does biodegradable/compostable film cost?
Prices can fluctuate on this product, please contact our Sales team for current prices.

Isn't the biodegradable/compostable film opaque?
Although this product is often described as being more 'milky' in appearance than conventional films, you can still easily read through to the product that is being wrapped. This film has been successfully used to wrap magazines and newspapers.

Are there any alternatives to biodegradable/compostable film?
Yes there are additives we can incorporate into standard film to make it degradable.

What is the difference between degradable and biodegradable/compostable films?
Our biodegradable/compostable film breaks down into water, carbon gas and biomass. Degradable substrates break down after a longer period of time but because they are oil based never completely disappear.

How long do degradable and biodegradable films take to degrade?
Degradable products require UV exposure, heat, and moisture for the degradation process to start, whereas microorganisms degrade a biodegradable product. Degradable products take much longer to break down, usually 2-5 years depending on conditions, but this has no guarantees. Biodegradable films, if disposed of in a composting environment, will normally break down in around 90- 120 days, which complies with EN13432.

How long can I store degradable and biodegradable films for?
Storage of these products should not be a problem provided they are in the right conditions and in the original packaging. Our sales team would be happy to give you more information on this.

If you have any further questions please contact our friendly and experienced sales team, or email us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it