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Europe’s number one producer of household wraps and waste collection packaging...

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...and the 4th worldwide!

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“A new era in plastics” 

Alfaplas is part of the Sphere Group of companies, Europe’s number one producer of household wraps and waste collection packaging, and the 4th worldwide!  Based in France, SPhere Group has more than 20 manufacturing plants located throughout Europe, targeting all the markets. Today, SPhere has therefore developed an efficient and flexible production platform. Its strategy is to follow three main objectives: quality, innovation and environmental issues. The Group was founded in 1976, and in the decades that followed has won a strong place at the front of the field, building success on dedication to customers’ needs plus continuing product and service innovation to provide more and more effective solutions for our clients.

A group present in all markets

SPhere holds leading market shares in sectors such as hypermarkets, supermarkets, local government, industry and services. For each market, SPhere is constantly innovating in order to match to the specific customer needs. Today SPhere develops, produces and markets products that include refuse bags, bin-liners, freezer bags, produce bags, food wrappings, films, baking parchment, food containers and aluminium foil.

Their vision as an industry leader

Innovating is part of the culture for SPhere, in order to improve the technical and environmental performance of the products and to match the customers’ needs. As an illustration, SPhere created the first waste bag with sliding straps and has launched a new brand: Alfapac, which is 100% biodegradable.

Targeting growth and product differentiation

Commitment to progress is central to the strategy pursued by the Group, which stands out for its capacity for innovation, the quality of its products and service offerings, the strengths of its brands and its clear commitment to the environment. The aim is to link business success to social and environment responsibility, drawing on in depth expertise to strike an optimum balance between industrial efficiency, the creation of value, respect for people and cultural differences, preservation of the environment and economical use of energy and natural resources.

Pioneering environmental expertise

Through their 50% ownership of German firm Biotec, a world leader in applied research for new materials made from renewable and biodegradable raw materials and the owner of over 200 patents, Sphere is now able to offer its customers new solutions for environmentally-friendly development. SPhere has a clear commitment to utilising the materials best suited for each application.


Meeting the highest standards of quality, safety and environmental protection is a fundamental priority for SPhere. Take as proof the fact that SPhere was the first industrial business to win approval under recognised quality standards as NF Quality and also NF environment, a guarantee of continuous quality control and full traceability. Most of their sites are ISO 9001 Version 2000 and ISO 14001 compliant. Finally, SPhere acts as expert adviser to national and European bodies charged with reviewing and harmonising regulations in the field, making proposals to carry the industry forward.

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SPhere Group in 2010:

Employees: 1,335
Tonnes of bags: 140,000
Tonnes of bioplastics: 10,000
Turnover: 375 million euros
Growth over 10 years: 151%