What Makes Us Special

We are highly rated in the marketplace thanks to our excellent service, products and outstanding quality. We are also not afraid to explore new markets with our chosen partners.


Meeting the highest standards of quality is a fundamental focus for Alfaplas. Our industry is competitive but quality is what counts, which is why we have a very low customer churn. We work hard to look after the customer base we have. We take pride in being able to achieve where others fail. We have the technology, the knowledge and the backing – but most of all we have people that care about what they do!

BRC/IOP Global Standard for Packaging and Packaging Materials

Alfaplas is very proud to have been awarded the Category A grade Certificate of Conformity under the BRC/IOP Issue 4 Global Standard for Packaging and Packaging Materials, the highest and most demanding category. BRC/IOP Certification ensures that consistent high quality is maintained at all times and gives assurance that our films are suitable for food packaging.

See more about BRC/IOP certification.

Hygiene and Safety

Our rigorous controls throughout the manufacturing process guarantee the highest standards for food hygiene and safety.

Quality control focus 

In addition to this certification, Alfaplas has high standards in terms of quality. In-house quality procedures are regulated and monitored. We don't have just a specific Quality Control team but a business quality perspective. All film produced, whether plain or printed, is subject to constant quality checks. Production samples are regularly taken and cross-checked against the customers specifications and in the case of printed work for colour match, print accuracy, registration, etc and samples are kept on file for future reference. 

Alfaplas has a documented Quality Control Policy which is constantly under management review, and if changed, is communicated, understood and implemented throughout the organisation. One example of improvement has been in the additional recent investment in electronic colour management both in the ink department but also on the factory floor. Any non-conformance is dealt with immediately and the necessary corrective action taken.


Alfaplas believe that customer service is paramount and our staff will assist you with the best specialist advice and efficient responses

Technical Advice

With more than 40 years expertise in film manufacturing our staff can offer sound technical advice with the confidence that our film will run efficiently on your machines. We do not rest on our laurels and work with our key raw material suppliers to refine technology and develop new technologies. In addition, our company is not afraid to invest to further increase our capabilities and efficiency.

Design Advice

Our origination team can offer the best design advice, from concept to approval. Our focus is also on technology developments that enable our business to offer even high-quality solutions or efficiency benefits.


We believe in open, honest and frequent communication with all our customers and supply partners.

Personal Contact

An appointed member of our Sales and Customer service team will be your personal contact for all enquiries, providing continuity from initial enquiry through to despatch.

Flexible Lead Times

With continual investment in production machinery and manufacturing concepts we offer a prompt delivery service.


Our sales team will respond to all enquiries generating bespoke quotations whether for plain, printed, laminated or converted products.


You can believe in our reliability and honesty and we assure you of absolute dedication to satisfy all your needs - confirmed in our recent BRC programme.

Our origination team can offer the best design advice, from concept to approval. Our focus is also on technology developments that enable our business to offer even high-quality solutions or efficiency benefits.

We are confident that having consistently grown our business over the last 40 years we have generally provided an excellent service to our customers. The secret being to move quickly to correct issues when and if they occur with the minimum of fuss.

We are proud of the degree of trust that we have developed with our customers.


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